Is Meat the New Tobacco?

After decades of Big Tobacco marketing cigarettes as glamorous, the tide has finally turned. Smoking is generally recognized to be linked to all kinds of negative health outcomes including a shorter life expectancy, cancer, heart disease, and stroke. But Big Tobacco isn’t the only one. The meat industry is responsible for just as many deaths and poor health outcomes as smoking.

The three most fatal diseases in America are heart disease, cancer, and stroke. All three have been found to be linked to the overconsumption of animal products. Not surprisingly, vegetarians and vegans have significantly lower rates of these diseases than meat eaters. Doctors have been able to not only prevent, but also reverse, heart disease in patients who switch to vegetarianism or veganism. In addition, doctors and researchers found that better eating habits (less animal products) and exercise are just as helpful at preventing cancer as quitting smoking.

Your health is your wealth. This is why we serve food as medicine.