Vegan Lifestyle Can Keep Asthma Away

Owner’s Kids: Vegan Raised

Arel Brown, son of the founder and now current owner of Original Soul Vegetarian, has been vegan his whole life and raised his own family in this lifestyle. When Arel met and married his children’s mother, she had a little girl, Baht zion, who had active asthma. When Baht zion was three, the couple made the decision to stop giving her dairy. Upon becoming vegan, Baht zion no longer needed an inhaler. For an entire decade, she lived without any of the signs or symptoms of asthma, which had been so prevalent in her early childhood.

Adolescence, however, is often characterized by experimentation, rebellion, and independence and, upon becoming a teenager, Baht zion made different dietary decisions. At the age of 13, she introduced dairy back into her life. After 10 years of being vegan and symptom free, Baht zion’s asthma returned. Just one example of the health benefits of veganism.

Here at Original Soul Vegetarian, we serve food as medicine. Your health is your wealth and we want to make sure what you put in your body both satisfies your taste buds and your body’s nutritional needs.