• Gearing up for Game Day!

    Football season is fast approaching and, like many Chicagoans, you’re probably starting to make plans for where you’ll watch the kick off this season. Whether you’re cheering for the Da Bears, the Packers, or another team, we’ve got just the spot for you! Every Monday and Thursday night and all day Sunday, we’ll be converting the backroom of the restaurant to a sports fan paradise. With a full wall projection of the game, you’ll feel like you’re right there on the field amidst the action.

    In addition to a fantastic view of the game, there will great grub. On the menu for game day we’ll have fried pickles, fried portabella wedges, jerk vegan chicken bites, seasoned fries, and a vegan chicken sandwich. We are BYOB, so bring along a six pack, case, bottle, or flask of your favorite football beverage.

    The regular season kicks off Thursday September 4, 2014 at 7:30pm with the Packers facing Seattle, the defending Super Bowl Champions. Whether you love them or hate them, come watch the game at Original Soul Vegetarian. Join us again Sunday September 7 th for a full day of football and see the Bears take on the Bills. We’re all about football here so wear a jersey and get half off your first appetizer!

  • Learn How to Make Tofu!

    Community Cooking Class: We Cook, We Eat

    Enjoy eating vegan at Original Soul Vegetarian and want to do it at home? Already eat vegan at home but want to learn some Original Soul Vegetarian recipes? We have just the event for you! Because we know that it’s unrealistic to eat out all the time and that not everyone has grown up eating and cooking vegan in their homes, we host community cooking classes at the restaurant every month. Our next class is this Saturday August 23 rd from 11am-1pm.

    Each cooking class we focus on a different aspect of vegan cooking. This week it’s tofu. So come in on Saturday August 23rd from 11am-1pm and learn how to cook like Original Soul Vegetarian. We’ll teach you how to make vegan scrambled eggs, jerk tofu, tofu salad, and tofu burgers. In addition, we’ll be making some cooked kale greens. Cost is $50 at the door (or $40 if you stop by and put your deposit down by Thursday August 21 st ). RSVP at the restaurant, by commenting on the blog post, or on facebook.

    So stop on by, cook up some tofu and greens, and share a meal with us. Because after we cook, we EAT. Learning new skills has never been so satisfying!

  • Spinach the Super Food!

    Daily Dish at Eternity Juice Bar: Sesame Spinach

    You may have heard spinach be referred to as a “superfood.” But, like many, you might wonder “What does that actually mean? Why is it so good for me?” A superfood is one that is full of nutrients and supports overall health. And boy is this leafy green packed with goodness. There are tons of reasons why you should be eating spinach but we’ll stick with five for now.

    1. Spinach is good for your bones. It is rich in Vitamin K which strengthens bone mass.
    2. Eating spinach keeps you healthy. Packed with Vitamin C, it boosts your immune system so it can fight off diseases.
    3. Studies indicate that spinach helps prevent against prostate and colon cancers. Spinach has flavonoids which have anticancer properties that decrease your risk for cancer.
    4. Spinach is mineral rich—potassium, magnesium, manganese, copper, and zinc are all found in spinach. Minerals are very important to our bodies. For example, potassium is essential in controlling blood pressure and heart rate and copper helps with red blood cell count.
    5. Spinach is full of antioxidants. These protect against aging and some diseases.

  • 5 Interesting Facts About Vegetarianism/Veganism

    There are many interesting facts about vegetarianism and veganism but here are five for now. Eat well, live well. Your health is your wealth.

    1. According to the American Dietetic Association (ADA) a vegetarian or vegan diet is healthier than one that includes meat. Vegetarians have lower body mass indices, fewer deaths from heart disease, lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, lower rates of type 2 diabetes, and lower rates of prostate and colon cancer
    2. In 2012, the LA City Council declared all future Mondays in the city to be “Meatless Mondays” in response to the environmental impact of meat consumption in the United States
    3. An acre of land can produce more food for vegetarians/vegans than meat-eaters. It also can yield ten times more plant protein than meat protein.
    4. Livestock has a great impact on the environment both impacting green house gas emissions and water usage.
    5. The twenty-year “China Study” found that countries that ate primarily vegetarian were healthier than those who had meat-based eating practices.

  • Saturday August 9th We’re Cooking Up a Storm

    Vegan Soul Food

    Here at Original Soul Vegetarian we serve vegan soul food because we believe that your health is your wealth and that food is medicine. Being vegan is associated with positive health outcomes such as a decreased risk for cancers, heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. It is also correlated with an overall general well-being.

    You know that saying that you are what you eat? It’s actually true. Your cells regenerate using the food that you eat. This is why we don’t use any refined sugars, rice, or flour and are completely chemical free in addition to being 100% vegan. We are proud of the food that we serve and believe in the health benefits of veganism.

    That being said, we know that it can be daunting to switch to a vegan lifestyle when it comes to preparing your own food. Not everyone is raised on vegan cooking and it can sometimes be a steep learning curve. Here at Original Soul Vegetarian we are committed to the community which we serve, which is why we offer cooking classes. We’ve been in this business for over thirty years and are happy to share our knowledge and experience in making vegan food with you.

    We’re having a cooking class at the restaurant this Saturday August 9 th from 11am – 2pm. The cost is $35 if you register in advance or $40 at the door. Call the restaurant to make your reservations today and enjoy learning to make and eating Original Soul Vegetarian’s vegan soul food!

  • TGIF: Great Eats at the Restaurant and Juice Bar!

    Happy Friday Everyone! Check out today’s specials…

    Eternity Juice Bar

    Dish of the Day is Bean Curd Salad. $1 off if you order it today!

    Original Soul Vegetarian Restaurant

    Dinner Special:

    Vegan lasagna, vegan style breaded “fish” (battered bean curd), steamed broccoli, and kale greens

    Ongoing Restaurant Promo

    Follow us on twitter or instagram and get an order of barbecue delights for FREE with your meal. One per follower. Offer valid through Friday August 15, 2014.