• Quick Delicious Lunches to Go

    Don’t have time for long lines or a leisurely lunch? Stop by Eternity Juice Bar for a lunch on the go. Now serving hot meals in addition to cold deli items, you can get the delicious soul food you’re craving without the wait. You choose, we plate.

    Your health is your wealth

  • Recipe: Creamy Cucumber Dressing

    Creamy Cucumber Dressing

    1/2 to 1 medium cucumber

    1 cup soy milk

    2 tbsp sugar

    1 oz vinegar

    1 cup oil

    pinch of salt

    chopped parsley to taste

    Blend cucumber, milk, sugar, vinegar, and salt until milk starts to thicken. Slowly add oil until it thickens completely. Stir in parsley. Chill and serve over your favorite salad.

  • Renovated Juice Bar: Come in for some rejuvenation!

    The Newly Renovated Eternity Juice Bar

    Need something healthy on the go? Eternity Juice Bar has you covered. Stop in for a grab and go lunch that’s both nutritious and delicious. Now serving hot dishes along with the salads.

    Choose your own creation! You pick the greens and the toppings and we’ll give you the salad of your dreams. Quick and easy lunch. Eating healthy has never been easier!

    Brand New: Hot Lunches to Go

    It’s cold outside. Stop by to warm up from the inside out. Now serving hot meals to go: Veggie Stir Fried Rice, Cabbage and Potatoes, Collard Greens, Vegan Beef and Broccoli, and Sweet and Sour Vegan Chicken

    Your Health is Your Wealth

  • Thanksgiving Catering

    Thanksgiving Catering

    Anyone who thinks that Thanksgiving is “Turkey Day” hasn’t had our Vegan Style Stuffed Duck. Made with bean curd, stuffed with cornbread dressing, and topped with cranberries and gravy it’s a perfect holiday dish. We’re catering that along with many other Thanksgiving favorites for those who are looking for a delicious plant-based meal—all the flavor with none of the animal products. Definitely something to be thankful for this holiday. Order by Thursday November 20 th and you can get 10% off!

    Thanksgiving Catering Menu


    Vegan Roast (Seitan)

    With gravy

    Small (Serves 20) $57.50

    Large (Serves 50) $110.00

    Vegan Stuffed Roast

    Seitan stuffed with cornbread dressing served with gravy and cranberry sauce

    Small (Serves 20) $75.00

    Large (Serves 50) $145.00

    Cornbread Stuffing

    Delicately done with vegetables and spices

    Small (Serves 20) $42.50

    Large (Serves 50) $80.00

    Kale Greens

    Creatively seasoned with special spices

    Served with fresh tomatoes and onions

    Small (Serves 20) $50.00

    Large (Serves 50) $100.00

    Served with cornbread

    Small (Serves 20) $80.00

    Large (Serves 50) $125.00

    Vegan Style Duck

    Made with bean curd

    Small (Serves 15) $60.00

    Large (Serves 25-30) $120.00

    Vegan Style Stuffed Duck

    Made with bean curd stuffed with cornbread dressing served with gravy and cranberry sauce

    Small (Serves 15) $75.00

    Large (Serves 25-30) $140.00

    Vegan Southern Style

    Macaroni and Cheese

    Small (Serves 20-25) $65.00

    Large (Serves 50) $125.00

    Candied Yams

    Small (Serves 20) $32.50

    Large (Serves 50) $55.00


    Apple Pie

    Half pan (Serves 20-30) $37.50

    Full pan (Serves 50-60) $75.00

    Blueberry Cobbler

    Half pan (Serves 20-30) $40.00

    Full pan (Serves 50-60) $80.00

    Peach Cobbler

    Half pan (Serves 20-30) $35.00

    Full pan (Serves 50-60) $70.00

    Sweet Potato Pie

    Half pan (Serves 15-20) $34.00

    Full pan (Serves 40-50) $68.00

  • Vegetable Soup Recipe

    Vegetable Soup


    1 ½ gallon water

    1 ½ c mixed vegetables

    2 c white potatoes (diced medium)

    1 ½ tsp sea salt

    2 tbsp granulated garlic

    2 tbsp onion powder

    1 ½ tsp black pepper

    1 6oz can tomato paste

    2 c tomato sauce

    1 tsp dried basil

    1 tbsp Earth Balance Buttery Spread

    2 tsp 100% pure cane sugar (optional)

    2 c cauliflower (optional)


    In two gallon sauce pan: Add water, salt, and potatoes. Bring to a boil and let boil 3 minutes. Add all other ingredients except butter. Bring to a boil. Add butter. Enjoy!

  • Recipe for Cornbread

    Recipe for Cornbread

    4 cups Cornmeal
    1/2 cup Soy Flour (heaping)
    1/2 cup Wheat Germ
    2 tbsp Baking Powder (heaping)
    1/2 cup Earth Balance Buttery Spread – Oil or Sticks
    2 cups Soy Milk
    2 cups Hot Water

    Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees. Mix all dry ingredients thoroughly. Add soy milk, mix well. Add water, mix well. Heat oil until hot, pour in mix, stir until all is mixed well. Pour into pan, bake 30-35 minutes until it browns (lightly) or desired darkness.

  • Recipe for Kale Greens


    Recipe of the Week: Kale Greens


    12 cups of kale

    ¼ cup of liquid aminos

    ½ cup of olive oil

    1 medium tomato

    ½ cup diced onion

    1 tbsp onion powder

    2 garlic cloves

    ¼ cup nutritional yeast


    Cut kale very small. Dice onion and tomato small. Put all ingredients in bowl and mix well. Thoroughly coat greens with spices. Let sit. The longer the greens marinate, the softer they are and the more flavorful they get.

    From our family to yours! Enjoy!

  • Learn How to Make Tofu!

    Community Cooking Class: We Cook, We Eat

    Enjoy eating vegan at Original Soul Vegetarian and want to do it at home? Already eat vegan at home but want to learn some Original Soul Vegetarian recipes? We have just the event for you! Because we know that it’s unrealistic to eat out all the time and that not everyone has grown up eating and cooking vegan in their homes, we host community cooking classes at the restaurant every month. Our next class is this Saturday August 23 rd from 11am-1pm.

    Each cooking class we focus on a different aspect of vegan cooking. This week it’s tofu. So come in on Saturday August 23rd from 11am-1pm and learn how to cook like Original Soul Vegetarian. We’ll teach you how to make vegan scrambled eggs, jerk tofu, tofu salad, and tofu burgers. In addition, we’ll be making some cooked kale greens. Cost is $50 at the door (or $40 if you stop by and put your deposit down by Thursday August 21 st ). RSVP at the restaurant, by commenting on the blog post, or on facebook.

    So stop on by, cook up some tofu and greens, and share a meal with us. Because after we cook, we EAT. Learning new skills has never been so satisfying!

  • Saturday August 9th We’re Cooking Up a Storm

    Vegan Soul Food

    Here at Original Soul Vegetarian we serve vegan soul food because we believe that your health is your wealth and that food is medicine. Being vegan is associated with positive health outcomes such as a decreased risk for cancers, heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. It is also correlated with an overall general well-being.

    You know that saying that you are what you eat? It’s actually true. Your cells regenerate using the food that you eat. This is why we don’t use any refined sugars, rice, or flour and are completely chemical free in addition to being 100% vegan. We are proud of the food that we serve and believe in the health benefits of veganism.

    That being said, we know that it can be daunting to switch to a vegan lifestyle when it comes to preparing your own food. Not everyone is raised on vegan cooking and it can sometimes be a steep learning curve. Here at Original Soul Vegetarian we are committed to the community which we serve, which is why we offer cooking classes. We’ve been in this business for over thirty years and are happy to share our knowledge and experience in making vegan food with you.

    We’re having a cooking class at the restaurant this Saturday August 9 th from 11am – 2pm. The cost is $35 if you register in advance or $40 at the door. Call the restaurant to make your reservations today and enjoy learning to make and eating Original Soul Vegetarian’s vegan soul food!